We are a family business


Herbert and Christa Hengstberger run the company with the dedicated help of Tamara and Franz Geisberger, the next generation. In June 2021, Tamara and Franz Geisberger become the new managing directors.
We have great drivers, excellent mechanics and an enthusiastic office team. This makes us proud,” said Herbert Hengstberger in May 2019 (on the occasion of the company’s 35th anniversary and his 60th birthday), thanking his employees for their great team spirit and loyalty.
Family businesses have a good reputation among employees. The word alone raises positive associations. Our employees can look forward to a good working atmosphere and a management style based on cooperation.
Familie Hengstberger und Geisberger
Who is who in the photo:
Herbert and Christa Hengstberger, Managing Directors Tamara and Franz Geisberger, grandchildren Helene and Arthur Geisberger.
Photos: Ines Nejedly

GmbH and s.r.o.


Hengstberger LKW MAN 5436

Hengstberger Transport GmbH
Managing Directors
Tamara and Franz Geisberger
3913 Großweißenbach 105
T.: 0043 2875 7281-0

Managing Directors Tamara and Franz Geisberger

Hengstberger s.r.o.
Managing Director
Ing. František Křížan
Founded: January 2000
T.: 0042 0384 797303

GF in Tschechien František Křížan

What is our business?


Together with staff in charge of round timber at the individual companies, we developed a logistics concept that guarantees the continuous and on-schedule delivery of goods down to the hour.

To make this happen, our group is maintaining a fleet of 90 trucks, 25 of which are registered with the Czech company.

The road trains are loaded all year long in any weather.
The individual vehicle cabins show logos of Hengstberger and the partner companies StoraEnso and Gebrüder Steininger.

Strong together


As a visible sign of our close cooperation, 10 trucks were painted with the STORA ENSO logo and 2 with the logo of the STEININGER sawmill.
Stora Enso Wood Products GmbH
Timber industry
A-3531 Brand
Logo storaenso
Hengstberger LKW Partner storaenso
Gebrüder Steininger GmbH
Sawmill – Timber export
A-3532 Rastenfeld
Logo Gebrüder Steininger
Hengstberger LKW Partner Gebrüder Steininger
Österreichische Bundesforste AG
Nettingsdorfer Papierfabrik AG & Co KG
Nettingsdorfer Straße 40
A-4053 Haid bei Ansfelden
Papierholz Austria GmbH
Dr.-Luigi-Agneli-Straße 9
A-8761 Pöls
Fritz Egger GmbH & Co KG
Timber products
Tiroler Straße 16
A-3105 Unterradlberg
Konrad Brunner GmbH
Sawmill and pallet production
Gradnitztalweg 6
A-3910 Zwettl
Josef Moser
GesmbH & Co KG
Münichreith 96
A-3662 Münichreith am Ostrong
Martin Maier GesmbH
Sawmill – Planing mill – Timber trade
Nordrandweg 30
A-3800 Göpfritz/Wild
Eschelmüller Holz GmbH
Rothfarn 19
A-3923 Rothfarn
DI Johannes Zwickl
Bahnstraße 60
A-3943 Schrems
Papierfabrik Steyrermühl
Fabriksplatz 1
A-4662 Laakirchen
Nawaro Energie Betrieb GmbH
Gerungser Straße 1/6
A-3910 Zwettl
G11 Unternehmensverbund AG
vormals BioMA Energie AG
Grenzlandstraße 11 A
A-3950 Gmünd
Raiffeisen-Lagerhaus Zwettl eGen
Timber trade
Pater Werner Deibl Str. 7
A-3910 Zwettl
NÖ Waldverband GmbH
Lastbergstraße 37
A-3021 Pressbaum

What are the milestones leading up to the present?
A unique company history


Geschichte Erstes Auto von Herbert Hengstberger
Firmengeschichte Hengstberger

In 1949, Armin and Maria Hengstberger founded a transport business including trade with local products in Großgöttfritz.

When Armin Hengstberger died unexpectedly in 1961, his wife Maria took over the business on her own.

In 1963, Maria Hengstberger married Johann Wagner.

In 1964, the company name was changed to Johann Wagner Transporte und Landesproduktenhandel.

The Trade with local products was discontinued in 1979.

In 1984, Herbert Hengstberger took over the transport business counting 6 trucks. In the same year, the company was also registered as a timber merchant. In the years that followed, the company mainly transported round timber, trimmed timber, malt and tarpaulins.

Since 1992 the company has been focusing on domestic transport of round timber in Austria and the Czech Republic in addition to hauling trimmed timber and malt. The Timber trade was discontinued, and the business license was deleted from the register.

In 1995 the individual company was changed into a GesmbH.

1996 – 2000
During these years, the company experienced constant growth. This also led to the founding of the Czech company as well as the H.H.-Trans GmbH. To be ready for the future, new business premises needed to be obtained. We purchased a 4-hectare lot conveniently located along the B36 in Grossweißenbach and built a repair shop, office and truck parking area.

In 2000, the Czech business premises were also enlarged to a size of 4 hectares, and a company-owned weighbridge was erected.

2002 – 2010
As of 2002, we have been exclusively focusing on transporting round timber. Owing to our flexibility, reliability and on-schedule deliveries, we were able to sign contracts with STORA ENSO Timber AG and Österreichische BUNDESFORSTE, thus ensuring high utilization of our trucks.

For organizational reasons, we merged our two Austrian companies – “Herbert Hengstberger Ges.m.b.H.” and “H.H. Trans GmbH”. As of 1 September 2011, the new company name is Hengstberger Transport GmbH, A-3913 Großgöttfritz 35, UID No. ATU50607909 LG Krems/Donau FN 159180p.

In October, daughter Tamara Geisberger passed the qualifying examination for the freight transport industry (Austrian Chamber of Commerce).

In May 2019: Company director Herbert Hengstberger celebrated his 60th birthday. He is awarded the Silver Badge of Honor of the Lower Austria CoC, presented by Vice President KommR Dr. Christian Moser and Ms. Mag. Patrizia Luger with the Transport and Traffic Division.
At the company’s 35th anniversary celebration (also held in May), numerous employees were honored for their many years of loyalty by CoC District Manager Anne Blauensteiner. Among the congratulants were all family members, employees as well as mayor Johann Hofbauer.

In October, Franz Geisberger will take the qualifying examination for the freight transport industry (Austrian Chamber of Commerce).

In June, Tamara and Franz Geisberger become the new managing directors.